The Hustle.

It’s the anniversary of this blog.

10 articles isn’t much to boast about but lets say I was looking for inspiration and give poetic twist to my prolonged procrastination problem. And that’s precisely what we debate today.

In one of the initial articles I mentioned, this blog isn’t meant to be a sermon or even a record of my thoughts. I’m hoping actually to debate. To discuss. And ideate. And converse beyond the “what’s up” / “whats happening” medium.

So, procrastination – is it really such a bad habit ? Seems harmless doesn’t it.
Fooled you so good, and its simple physics really. And Newton got there way before it dawned on you.


Newtons First Law


A state of object in rest or motion remains so unless acted upon by an external force. Namely karma, or fate, or destiny, or as I like to call it LIFE.

When you don’t give enough of a shit about yourself life doesn’t either. I think the Bible got this one first. God helps those who help themselves.

Now all of this is beginning to sound morbid. Or to be politically correct, extreme.

Well, it is & it isn’t. When life confronts you sometimes, you get the rare opportunity to rise up, shake the dust off and warm up for the hustle.

Seems like a do-able task right. Actually, turns out its not that simple. As an individual I feel like the eco system in which I grew up most things were mandated and happened so and everybody deals with some kind of uncertainty but as young adults I don’t think we make enough decisions or experience enough knock-downs to really learn how to rise up, shake the dust off and warm up for the hustle.

So spend some time on introspection. And wonder, who you are and what you can do to make you life one iota less dependent on the wheel. Be fresh, be brimming with ideas but choose atleast one of them enough to make something of it.

A poem.

Keep your eyes and ears open,

Keep your feet on the ground but hands flailing everywhere.


Does this count as a haiku ? non ?





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