A Modern Indian.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is best known for the tickers on your TV Screen:

If – You – Have – An – Objection – To – The – Content – On – This – Channel – Please – Report – To – 1800 – Because – We – Are – Sanskari – Af.

Of all the pseudo-fundamental rights of Indians – The Right To Freedom suffers most.

A “Freedom” seeker in our society is the most vilified human. Maverick, Lone Wolf, Non Conformist, Contrarian – he’s given many names, except for the understanding that it is right to choose as he pleases. Majority Opinion is not a hallmark of personal truth.

Today, it seems far out that just a few decades ago, India was a fairly liberal country.

modern, liberal, advanced, forward-looking, forward-thinking, go-aheadenlightened, enterprising, innovative, up-and-coming, new, dynamic, avant-garde, modernistic, disruptive;

Not that the progressives were not vilified at the altar of right-wing holier than thou’s. But possibly, there was generally less ire dealt to the non-conformists.


M.S.Subbulakshmi : The Doyenne of Carnatic Music.

A twice married radical who smoked, drank and did as she bloody well pleased.

Seems an alienating thought in today’s stiff upper lip India.

This is a film from The Films Division.

Synopsis : Those born on Independence Day in 1947 were selected from different parts of India and interviewed to know their hopes and desires, ambitions, hobbies, fears and frustrations and the result is this unique film.

Thoughts ?


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